Highschool Music Appreciation Curriculum

At Steinhardt, you’ll get a Bachelor of Music diploma, identical to you’d at a conservatory, however you’ll additionally get a strong liberal arts schooling as a half of your main. The Curtis Institute of Music is a personal conservatory that is centered round efficiency . Curtis is extremely tough to get into, but once I spoke with Admissions I was informed that you could always reapply when you’re rejected and that, certainly, there are numerous students at Curtis who did not get within the first time around. Because Jacobs is an element of a bigger college, you do have the profit of with the ability to cross-register with totally different faculties at IU and even get a twin diploma in music and a non-music field (BM/BA or BM/BS). Undergraduates at music conservatories usually graduate with a Bachelor of Music diploma, although some conservatories might offer Bachelor of Musical Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music degrees. Additionally, if the conservatory is affiliated with a larger university or faculty, you could possibly get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Music as a substitute.

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